SEG Fabric for Frameless Light Boxes

Fabricl Light Box for Tradeshow Bottled Light Productions

Large traditional film light boxes are becoming obsolete, as Frameless SEG Light Boxes become the more efficient, fashionable option. This light box does not use transparency film, like a traditional light box. These Frameless Fabric Light Boxes use a silicone edge beading, stitched around the perimeter of the fabric. The silicone edge is then tucked into the perimeter of the light box extrusion to display a taut, smooth face. This look can be seen in major retail outlets such as; H&MNike, and Macy’s Herald Square.


SEG Fabric for Frameless LED light Box


Most backlit fabrics are printed using a Dye-Sublimation process.  This process uses heat to bond the ink to the material this allows for it to be stretched without any damage to the graphic.


Silicone Edge Graphics for Backlit Fabric Light Box


These new fabric lightboxes are easy to assemble and changing out graphics, is now a breeze. They can be fabricated in standard and in custom sizes, the bigger the better when it comes to fabric. This application is growing rapidly in popularity and is in high demand.